If there's anything global warmists won't claim in order to advance their agenda, let me know: I haven't found it

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Notice this completely bogus headline and illustration is published under the category, "News - environment and science". It's actually none of those.

Notice this completely bogus headline and illustration is published under the category, "News - environment and science". It's actually none of those.

University of New Hampshire writer claims global warming will produce horses the size of cats

In another brilliant piece of work by climate scientists [sic], Miss Abigail Ambrosia and her friends have looked at climate events in the Eocene Epoch, when, during the period 56-49 million years ago, temperatures warmed enough (9 degrees) to melt all the world's ice, extrapolated the effects of that 16-million-year period to data of the past 120 years, and released their alarming conclusions to the Associated Press, to be distributed to  newspapers across the country under an inaccurate, false, scare headline. This isn't science, it's bullshit, and either these people are too stupid to understand that or they are deliberately trying to deceive the public: I'm going with both.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Global warming shrank certain animals in the ancient past, and scientists think it could happen again.
Warm-blooded animals got smaller at least twice in Earth’s history when carbon dioxide levels soared and temperatures spiked as part of a natural warming, a new study says.
University of New Hampshire researcher Abigail D’Ambrosia warned that mammals — but not people — could shrivel in the future under even faster man-made warming.
“It’s something we need to keep an eye out for,” said D’Ambrosia, who led the new work. “The question is how fast are we going to see these changes.”
Three different species shrank noticeably about 54 million years ago when the planet suddenly heated up. One of them — an early, compact horse — got 14 percent smaller, going from about 17 pounds to 14.6 pounds, according to an analysis of fossil teeth in Wednesday’s journal Science Advances .

Speaking of those shrinking horses the Associated Press is trying to scare the public with, it turns out the starting point was far smaller than the headline would suggest:

"These guys were probably about the size of maybe a [17-pound] dog, then they dwarfed," said D'Ambrosia. "They may have gone down to the size of a [14.6 pound] cat."
Another creature that contracted was a lemur-like animal that’s the earliest known primate. It shrank about 4 percent; while it may not seem like much, it’s noticeable because studies of the animal over millions of years showed it was usually getting bigger over time, D’Ambrosia said.
This latest work shows heating and shrinking are connected over millions of years.
“These results are very significant because they provide another independent test of whether climate drives changes in body size in mammals,” said Jonathan Bloch, curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Florida Museum of Natural History.... “If we start to see patterns repeat themselves, we can learn from that. And what we learn from these lessons will certainly be important as we think about the possible response of plants and animals to future climate change.”
The bigger natural warming — 56 million years ago — saw temperatures rise 9 degrees (5.8 degrees Celsius) or more probably from giant belches of methane from dead plants and animals that had accumulated on the sea floor, said Princeton University climate scientist Michael Oppenheimer.