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Anything for the SCANDINAVIAN vote

Anything for the SCANDINAVIAN vote

Stupid comes in all colors and political spectrums. Republican lawmaker who wants to impose political hiring on state education system has been claiming a "business management degree" that came from Sizzler.

A small-town Iowa state senator who recently introduced a bill mandating “partisan balance” among professors on taxpayer-funded campuses has been busted for calling his Sizzler steak house training course a “business management” degree.

The Republican lawmaker, Mark Chelgren, didn’t actually earn a “business management” degree from utterly unaccredited “Forbco Management School,” as he had been claiming. Instead, he received a certificate for successfully completing a Sizzler training course offered by Forbco, a corporate shell which once operated some Sizzler restaurants in Southern California.

The bill would force Iowa’s public universities to freeze hiring until the number of Republican professors on the schools’ faculties is within 10 percent of the number of Democratic professors.
Chelgren’s ledger of campus politics would not count faculty members who do not disclose their political affiliations.
NBC News got the scoop on Chelgren’s exaggerated academic claims.
“This was a management course he took when he worked for Sizzler, kind of like Hamburger University at McDonald’s,” Iowa State Republicans spokesman Ed Failor told NBC. “He got a certificate.”
Failor suggested that, in fact, Chelgren has not earned a college degree.