State Republicans join Democrats to punish businesses, again

Ads for economic illiterates

Ads for economic illiterates

By a vote of 139-9, the Ct House of Representatives passes an "equal pay" bill.

This supposed "gender gap" has been demonstrated, again and again, to be an earning gap, entirely accountable for women's employment choices. Hillary Clinton used the same reasoning to explain why she paid female staffers, both at the Clinton Foundation, her senate office, and as the Secretary of State, so did the White House and so too did Elizabeth Warren, just last week, when she was exposed for paying her female staff 31% less than the men.

It's actually far easier to explain the gender gap in Democratic politicians' staffing ranks than it is the complete absence of a single black chief of staff for any Democratic senator. 

Here's Google's new "fact checker", Snopes defending Warren, and the response at Powerline: 

The analysis excluded relevant data and failed to include criteria necessary to prove the claim that women on Senator Warren’s staff were paid less than their male counterparts for equivalent work. . .
Fairly comparing pay rates between men and women who work in Senator Warren’s office is therefore a challenge because not many of her staffers hold the same job titles, and even among those who do, pay discrepancies between men and women are not obvious when education and experience are factored in.

But that is not the claim of the critics: it merely uses the aggregate pay gap in the same simplistic way that feminists have been using for decades. And economically literate critics, like Christina Hoff Sommers and Diana Furchgott-Roth have been pointing out all along that once job classifications are taken account of, the pay gap largely disappears. Where was Snopes when the Obama White House (which also had an embarrassing male-female pay chasm) was trotting out the superficial figure? Why does it take the embarrassment of Thin Lizzy to bring out the fact-checkers? And will feminists stop using that simplistic superficial figure? Don’t hold your breath.

It's all bunkum, everyone with a scintilla of sense knows it but the Democrats use it to stir up their ignorant base, and our spineless Republicans go along with them from fear of looking like misogynists. 

Shameful, and bad for our state, and our country.