Charlatans and frauds

Government is SOMETHING we do to rest of you

Government is SOMETHING we do to rest of you

Connecticut Democrats ready to bring back tolls on our highways, because "There's no money to pay for roads". Gee, where'd it all go?

The state already collects 56 cents per gallon on gasoline, one of the highest in the country, plus an additional 8% "windfall profits tax" that is, of course, added on to the cost charged to drivers, and our friends in Hartford use that money, not to maintain our highways, but to reward its union allies and dole out cash to their friends.

This diversion of funds has continued for decades, yet now the Democrats claim to be surprised that there's no money in the till to spend on roads. Could they simply redirect the gasoline taxes back to highway maintenance? Sure, but that would mean cutting spending elsewhere, and that, in Hartford, is something that will never happen.

So we will get new tolls, Hartford will get new revenue to disburse to state employees and the voting poor, and the charade will continue.