Notes from Bizzaro Land

Shouldn't this asshole be at work?

Shouldn't this asshole be at work?

Yale graduate students continue their "we'll fast until we get peckish" protest despite Yale Republicans holding a barbecue nearby, to tempt them, and a Yale alumnus sending over pizzas.

Just how oppressed are these striking workers (who rigged a vote for union representation and kept all but 9% of them from voting)? This oppressed:

Yale’s statement says the university “continues to provide unsurpassed support to its doctoral students. They receive annual stipends of $30,000 or more, and a tuition fellowship or other grants fully cover the annual tuition of $39,800.
“Yale pays for the health insurance of all the doctoral students” and “if a student has a spouse, but no dependent children, Yale pays half the cost of the spouse’s health insurance,” it reads. 
“If a student has a spouse and children, the university covers the full cost of their health insurance,” the statement says. “Over six years, the total cost of support equals nearly $375,000 for a single Ph.D. student. For a student with a family, the support totals more than $445,000.”

Yale deserves all of this, of course, for even pretending that these people are doing something worthwhile for six years, writing never-to-be-read dissertations on the role of lesbian midwives in Colonial America, but it's still fun to watch.