There and back again

10 Carissa Lane

10 Carissa Lane

10 Carissa Lane, which sold for $1.770 million in January, 2008 (turns out, a bad time to buy) was returned to the market in 2012 at $1.7 in 2012 and finally expired, unsold in 2013, at $1.525 in 2013. Today it's back at $1.7. Maybe.

I showed it to clients back in 2013 and, though they were tempted: it's a decent house, though it could use some work, the listing agent at the time said that a bid of $1.350 was a non-starter, so we passed. Carissa has not done well over the years, with declining values on its more expensive spec homes, all of which sold for less on their resale than they first sold for, after long - years - on the market; I'm not sure its more modest homes have done any better.

That said, I like the street: it's off of Stanwich, backs up to Mianus Park, and this house, in particular, could be a very attractive home, given some upgrades. It's not bad now, certainly, but I'd want to update it.

It will certainly sell, we'll just have to wait see what that selling price will be.