Fabulous antique in Stamford

On Old Long Ridge Road (which means no traffic, no noise) a renovated 1770 house, now on the market for $1.99 million. It's owned by very close friends of mine, so of course I'm prejudiced, but I also lived in their (completely renovated, very comfortable) guest cottage for almost three years, so I can attest to its beauty and quiet setting.

The Greenwich Time article I've linked to says it has 1.3 acres, but I don't believe that includes the extra 1-plus-acre in the rear, which is a legal building lot. I built the raised vegetable beds on that lot - there's a lot of space back there, including a pool and tennis court.

I wouldn't presume to guess how much money went into this house and its outbuildings, but I'm pretty sure the work was a labor of love, not a profit-seeking venture.

About 20 minutes from  downtown Greenwich, if you're curious.