They told us so

Ten percent (aprox) of town is without power and it's only 88 degrees. Good thing we've stopped CL&P's substation. 


Riverside School Parents and Family Members, 

    We are having an EMERGENCY EARLY RELEASE at 1:15 today due to a power outage at Riverside School. The students are keeping cool inside the school. The A/C was on here until the power went out. The rooms are still reasonably cool but warming up so we are having an emergency early release at 1:15 today. 

Thank you. -Christopher Weiss, Riverside School Principal

p.s. The phones at the school are still in operation. 

The grade 4 teachers have been notified and will be returning to the school by 1:15 today for dismissal. 

I'm so old I remember when Riverside School had no air conditioning - we all survived, as I recall.