You can't sell it if you don't price it right, however

26 Twin lakes 

26 Twin lakes 

26 Twin Lakes Lane, Riverside, is back on the market at $2.995 million.  That's an improvement over the silly, stupid price of $3.950 it originally looked for in 2012, but still, it remains a 1960 house that was unwisely added to and "renovated" a decade-or-so ago: the result is a disjointed mess. This was a scraper, once land values soared; a perfectly nice house when Riverside was a middle class neighborhood, but today's prices demand (much) more.

The "Twin Lakes" of the road refers to two tiny, brackish ponds, only one of which is accessible from this house. That pond does have a bit of historical interest, however: Dodo Hamill first placed skate to ice here, on her way to eventual Olympic fame (her older brother Sandy supervised, I just laughed, silly me), and the house itself was built by Muzz Patrick, former star, and at that time the manager of the NY Rangers. Muzz was a fabulous man, and encouraged us in our pond-hockey games, but the mid-60s were not a good time for the Rangers, and so we kept silent about the topic when playing with our friends, his children, Paul and Lori. 

Nostalgia aside, my opinion is that this property should be valued as a building site. If you want a perfectly livable home, go for it, but pay land value, and insist on getting the house for free.

(There goes my friendship with the listing agent, who I really, really like and admire, but heck, she once advised me to take an over-priced listing because "if you don't, someone else will". Bad experience, and the last time I did it. God bless her, she at least follows her own advice.)

UPDATE: to be fair, having just reviewed the two Gilliam Lane (same street, up the hill) pending sales, both tear downs, this property may indeed be priced at land value. Hard for me to believe, but it's the market, and certainly not my opinion, that rules.