I've never been quite comfortable with the ethics of this

The owner of 106 Lockwood Road in Riverside is offering agents a 4%, rather than 2.5% commission if we'll sell his spec project for him. That's generous of him, and I suppose that, so long as an agent discloses the premium to his client, it's okay, but still .... buyers agents owe a fiduciary duty to their clients to serve them with absolute, undivided loyalty, so how do we reconcile that duty with an opportunity to push a house that puts almost twice the normal take into our pocket? Shouldn't we insist that the seller reduce his price so that our client, not us, benefits?

Fortunately I don't have a client right now who's interested in this price range in this part of town, so I can keep my musings confined to a quiet holiday- Friday afternoon, and not worry about it too much, but it does make me wonder.

The Owner has decided to give all the Buyer's agents an amazing incentive to sell their property now.  They are offering the selling agent a 4.0% commission of the sales price of this new construction home until July 15, 2017.  Yes, 4.0%!  That is like selling a property worth almost $6,000,000 with a 2.5% commission rate.  
So, don't wait.  Bring your buyers and show them this new construction home today.  Easy to show - call the listing broker for an appointment & then use the key box on the front door. 
You don't see this opportunity very often in today's market, so take advantage of it now.  I know you and your client will appreciate all this home has to offer.