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84 Doubling Road

84 Doubling Road

Contingent contact reported for 84 Doubling Road, asking $3.750 million. It's been on the market just 79 days, and that's usually a sign that it's going for close to asking priceIt's a 1996 home, built to that era's style, but the location's fairly convenient to town, and it sits on a nice acre of land.

It sold in just 11 days back in 2011 for $3.4 million, so either the owner's doing quite well here, or the renovations claimed on the MLS listing were extensive, and expensive: you can't tell with the MLS form, because "renovated" is a flexible term and can range from chasing the dust bunnies out from under the bed to gutting the house entirely. That's why you want to receive a list of improvements when viewing a house [whose listing claims was "renovated].

I do note that the 2011 listing claimed 6,200 sq.ft. whereas the current one shows just 5,144. That's because, more and more, agents aren't claiming basement space as part of the aboveground portion. I like to think my constant complaints here about the previous practice had something to do with that, but who knows? Maybe there's been a surge of honesty among some of my peers. If conversion could come to Saul on the road to Damascus, why not here in Greenwich? Surely God's had time since then to work up another miracle.

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