A friend has pointed out that there's yet another Fountain active in real estate

Bishop charged with selling his congregation's church to himself.

 A Bridgeport pastor is accused of stealing a whole church, according to the Connecticut Post.
Police charged Bishop Franklin L. Fountain with first-degree larceny and second-degree forgery, the Connecticut Post reported. Police told the Connecticut Post that they had received a complaint from the board of directors of the Fountain of Youth Cathedral, as well as Fountain's brother and uncle, that Fountain had forged deed documents and sold the church on Madison Avenue to himself for $1.
The church property on 324 Madison Ave. is valued at $1.5 million, the Connecticut Post reported. 
The church was founded by Fountain's father in 1960, and Fountain took over as pastor when his father passed away in 2005.
Fountain told the Connecticut Post on Wednesday that the charges were ridiculous and that it would all be worked out.

Judging from a video of the good bishop addressing his congregation, it seems that this particular Fountain is not a direct member of my clan, but I'm not sure about Gideon's lineage: I'll inquire.