Greenwich Democrats admit: as low a standard as he sets, they have no one qualified to challenge Peter Tesei

Is that Big bird? I  wike  big bird!

Is that Big bird? I wike big bird!

"Shame on us", Greenwich Democrat head Jeffrey Ramer admits. 

"Tesei's a drooling, Mongoloid idiot" Ramer told FWIW, as he adjusted his wig, "so it's pretty goddamned pathetic that we can't find anyone who can at least claim to be better than him. We'd hoped Blankely would try again—hey, he managed to hide a towel under his suit to catch his own drool during the last campaign, so he at least looked credible, but after he got his daughter installed as Town Planner he quit on us: wants to bring his Venezuelan - Illinois vision of budgeting to Hartford and is running for State Treasurer. So who's left?

"We got that Swamadama Dingdong character from what, Byram? She's a fucking moonbat refugee from a whack-job commune whose own daughter has denounced her; we got friggin Fudrucker, a three-time loser, and I suppose we might have my wife, the most hated divorce attorney in Fairfield County: there's a winner, eh? 

"And that's it: the cupboard's bare. There's no one else in our party with the minimum 75 IQ that the national party requires of all our candidates, so that leaves Tesei, at 82, unchallenged. I'd like to take that test again and see if I couldn't qualify to run against the fucking moron myself, but I'm told that I maxed out at five tries.

"Like I said—pathetic."