Sold before it was finished

104 Husted, a 10,000 sq.ft. behemoth "listed" (not really, I suspect) 3 days ago for $7.1 million, is reported as pending. Not much of interest here about the house itself—one Granoff house is pretty much like another—but the selling price is encouraging news for mid country homeowners, and provides, maybe, a cautionary note to Riverside and Old Greenwich would-be sellers. 

This property sold for just under $2 million in 2015, and a builder was able to sell his new construction for $7 million. In our eastern end of town, building lots have also been selling for around $2 million, but the houses built on them average out at about $4 million. The mid country has returned to the traditional builder formula of "a third, a third, a third", meaning one third for land, one third for construction, one third for overhead and profit. In fact, in this case, the builder's doing even better than that. Riverside and Old Greenwich, however, have been demanding, and getting a half for the land alone.

It shouldn't take too long before builders notice the discrepancy.