A sincere apology to the Greenwich High lacrosse team

Yesterday I posted on the ridiculous situation of boys who, on average and by nature, are stronger than girls, entering and winning girls' athletic events under the new banner of "transgender rights". Unfortunately, and inappropriately, I used a picture of a local girl reacting after the GHS girl's lacrosse team's loss in a division championship and, worse, I used it as a base for what I thought was a pun, urging the team to "man up". I meant that sarcastically, suggesting that they import a bunch of muscle-bound boys from the boy's lacrosse team to physically dominate opponents, but as I've now learned from several of that girl's friends, it was interpreted as mocking her emotional, and entirely understandable reaction to the loss. I feel terrible, but I should have felt terrible before posting it, not afterwards.

As I have written to the team, my own daughter Kat was co-captain of the GHS ski team not so many years ago, and a successful, competitive gymnast: I was very proud of her then (still am, for the woman she's grown into), and I'd have been furious had some dolt diminished her accomplishments. So I'm furious at myself now.

I was wrong, and I'm so very sorry to have added more pain to what that young woman was already feeling. I've taken down the offending picture, but it should never have been used in the first place.

UPDATE: A response to my own reply to an offended reader of the original post, in which I admitted that I understood his criticism, from Walt, whose own daughter is a national champion athlete:

Exactly right.