Don't mean to sound heartless, but ...

Article here on kind people providing free lunches to kids during summer months when schools are closed.

I know that Pal Nancy helps out in this program up in Portland, and it gives her great satisfaction, but this one sentence from the Bangor Daily News article struck my eye:

This [food] insecurity is amplified in the summer, when instead of just having to come up with the resources to provide children with dinner, breakfast and lunch are now needs that have to be met by parents.

"Breakfast and lunch are now needs that have to be met by parents"? When weren't they?  According to the article, half the kids in Maine live in households where the parents (usually, "parent") can't afford nutritious meals. Really? Isn't there some personal responsibility not to have children if you can't even feed them, let alone house them without money forced from other people? We certainly can't visit the sins of the parents on their children, but scorn and approbation might be a better way for society to treat these irresponsible, feckless breeders. Not personally: I volunteer at a soup kitchen myself, but as a society, it strikes me that we encourage this behavior by not condemning it, and encouraging bad behavior is good way to see more of it.