Awful, awful tragedy, but there's a lesson here

Toddlers drown

Toddlers drown

 twins drown in pool.

Three-year-old twin boys drowned in their backyard pool Wednesday — after slipping out the back of their Long Island home while their mother was asleep, law enforcement officials said.

Kids don't drown in creeks or ponds, as a general observation. Pools are deadly. I personally wouldn't have a pool if I had children under, say 8, and even then I'd want them to know how to swim. If you must have one, look into one of those pool barriers that is removable, but don't remove it (while the pool is open) until your children are old enough and able enough to survive in water. 

These are such awful tragedies, and it breaks my heart to hear of them, whether they occur in Greenwich or somewhere else. Just don't do it.