Gin & Tonic Republicans vote for more of the same

dumb and dumber

dumb and dumber

Peter Tesei nominated again. No surprise; no one challenged him, but to read the fawning comments from his butt-boy Steve Walko is stomach-churning: 

“We have seasoned, experienced candidates who know how to run the town and have their finger on the pulse of the communities within Greenwich,” Walko said. “They have led this town through some difficult times and I think the future is only brighter.”

Delusional idiot sycophant but then, we already knew that.

The Republicans also tossed Jim Lash off the BET, which is disturbing - he was not only a competent First Selectman, but a good influence on the Teseites who want to spend our way to oblivion.

On the other hand, and the one bright spot here, is that Lash will be replaced by Riverside's Andy Duus. One very bright, financially conservative guy: I suspect Tesei will be as annoyed and discomforted by Duus as he was by Lash. Good.

Now if we could just get soon-to-be-fired Harbormaster Ian Macmillan appointed to another, more powerful position, my day would be complete, and Tesei's ruined.