You can let your children play unsupervised near the roadways again, at least for six months

Sheri Lampert has been found guilty of driving drunk after defeating her breathalyzer ignition lock (she rented a car from Enterprise and promptly crashed it, twice) and sentenced to 3 months in prison. In addition her probation for an earlier sentence of six months has been revoked. I assume the sentences will run concurrently, not consecutively, but there's always hope.

Sadly, my previous recountings of this Old Mill Road resident's misadventures were lost to the ozone when I switched blog hosting services, but I've been following her career since she drove her Mercedes through her ex-husband's garage door, years ago, in a fit of drunken pique. Since then, she's been arrested, again and again, and was even busted for drug use in Colorado. I'm sure she's a very sick woman, but she's also a danger to all who share the road with her, so we all have a brief respite from her menace.

You can Google "Shari Lampert Greenwich" and get a flavor of her driving history, but suffice to say that she's been arrested repeatedly for drunk driving and never stopped—she didn't have to stop drinking, of course; that's her business—but a woman living in a $7 million mansion can afford a taxi, or if not, she could call Uber, if her fingers weren't shaking too much to punch a keyboard.