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but then how will i be able to betray my country?

but then how will i be able to betray my country?

Trump bars transgenders from serving in the military

It's estimated (by the Rand Corporation, which was hired by the Army to study the issue) that there are 2,500 transgenders in the armed forces, which, from a total force of 2,000,000, represents 0.00125 per cent. But in the liberal world, this issue is every bit as large as any other—there's no sense of proportion on the left—and their response will be as hysterical as that to global warming, Russian sabotage, and every other trauma Trump has inflicted on them.

And that's great: every new issue Trump gives them to shriek about dilutes their outrage just that little bit more. The media is losing its focus, and the center cannot hold.

UPDATE: The NY Post has a wonderful collection of the first weepy responses, all predictable. I especially like the ones describing this as "an attack on the military". Well no, Obama attacked the military: Trump is restoring it.

Just wait as the day goes on.