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Bill Whittle's video on media bias. 

To add a local touch, my friend and Old Greenwich resident, Ernest Whittle, DDS, is Bill's cousin. They didn't know each other well, so when Ernie's daughter Julia was interviewing for an internship with Bill Whittle, out in California, her first question was "why do you have a picture of my uncle in your reception room?" (She got the job, but she's also an incredibly talented young woman, so ...).

Ernie's other daughter, Stephanie, turned down Harvard to attend West Point, and is now a Major - she ran a helicopter - squad? division? flock? - a whole bunch of them - in Afghanistan. I once mentioned her in a letter to the WSJ and received an email from a soldier who said he'd served under then-Captain Whittle, saying he'd be "honored to serve under her command anywhere, anytime".  Pretty cool.

As for Ernie, aside from being my friend (we ran a fishing boat together which naturally, given our professions as lawyer and dentist, we named "Pain & Suffering"), he's also been my dentist since 1983. Testament to his work was supplied by a Portland dentist who, during my first visit, exclaimed three times - literally - over the work done by Ernie, finally calling in his dental assistant to see what "great dentistry looks like". I think he was struck by the gold inlays so masterfully applied—gold's no longer used—but still, dentists are like plumbers: they all denigrate the guy who came before, so Ernie should be pleased—I know that I was pretty-damned impressed..

The moron doesn't have a website I can link to but his office is in Old Greenwich, across from the school.

(203) 637-4660

Anyway, here's his cousin Bill's video: