New listing in Riverside



91 Winthrop, asking $2.545 million. Listing agent Ann Simpson describes it as a "classic colonial". Ann, I've known colonials; I've lived in colonials; I like colonials: this is no colonial.

All teasing aside (Ann's originally from N. Dakota, so what would she know about colonials anyway?) Winthrop is an excellent street/neighborhood, and $2.545 seems like a very good price for this house, and in accord with sales on Winthrop of similar homes. It won't surprise me at all if this sells close to ask. 

Mind you, I haven't seen it yet, and the market plays by its own inscrutable rules, so who knows? But from all appearances, it looks well-priced to me.

UPDATE: Ann, who's one of my favorite people, has texted me to say that the tax card lists it as a Colonial, so that's what she went with. Furthermore, she says she's from Minnesota, not North Dakota, and I suppose she knows better than I where she spent her childhood. But who knew that we had a North Dakotan in our tax department?