In my experience, this rarely works

The owners of 15 Hycliff Road (off Riversville) paid $2,162,500 for it in April, 2015, did some repairs, and put it back up for sale this past February at an asking price of $2.650. Today they reduced that price to $2.450.

To justify the premium they'd like a buyer to pay over that 2015 price, the listing says, "Extensive upgrades: Roof, HVAC, Well & water treatment system, floors, light controls, LEDs, pool decking, siding Azak Trim, paint, pool equipment & plaster siding." It then concedes, " UPGRADE WORK from 2012-2016" which undercuts their argument: they didn't do all the work, the previous owner did.

More important, most of the "improvements" here are really just maintenance, and buyers usually aren't willing to pay for those: a buyer already expects a roof that doesn't leak, a functioning a/c system, a pool with properly working pumps, filters, etc. Azek trim boards are a nice touch but again, that suggests that the original trim was rotten, so what's the big deal about replacing it?

So my advice to owners is to maintain their homes, but don't expect your expenditures on such maintenance to come back to you; at best, you'll just prevent the property from deteriorating and losing value. But not add to it. 

(Nice house, by the way)