Listen to what the market's telling you. Or don't; no skin off the market's nose

6 Interlaken.jpg

The agent-owned-and-listed home at 6 Interlaken Drive was put up for sale in September, 2013 at $2.995 and in all the years since, its price has barely budged: the last cut, to $2.495 million, was taken a year ago, August, 2016.

I realize that the owner paid $2.8 million for the place back in 2005, but to quote the old cowboy song, "that's your misfortune, and none of my own". The trouble with refusing to budge from a desired price despite its complete rejection by the market is that it sends a "get thee hence" message to potential buyers. If you don't really want to sell your home, fine; but listing it as though it really is for sale, and then letting it linger on the market for years just repels buyers who, quite logically, ask, "if no one else wants it, why should I?"