Beautiful house, but Buckfield's a tough sale



Which is not to say that houses there won't sell, they just take longer to find a buyer than those closer to town. Case in point is this one, 22 Buckfield Lane, on the market since May, 2016. Started at $6.250 back then and today took its fourth price cut, down to $4.8. Great, 1820 house, though I'm puzzled by this bit of realtor prose:

This colonial home, guest house and barn have been sensitively renovated to the highest standards by noted architect. The interior spaces are filled with bespoke design ...

Aside from that ubiquitous "noted architect"—the same anonymous fellow crops up in all sorts of listings, so he must be busy (and in a witness protection program?—but what's with "bespoke"? I would think that anyone hiring an architect, noted or not, would insist that the renovation design be specific to the customer's tastes and wishes so, to my thinking at least, the second part of this description is redundant.

Although perhaps the agent is being paid by the word.