Wow, I've been involved in some real estate deals that collapsed but fortunately, both sides were a bit more accepting of the situation than this

That's  an owie!

That's an owie!

Real estate deal goes bad and someone gets nailed to a tree.

A shocking video shows first responders rescue a New Mexico man whose hands were nailed to a tree in the woods in an act of revenge.
The victim, Jose Duran, was freed in an hours-long rescue mission in Bosque that was captured in footage obtained by news station KRQE this week.
Duran, who initially wouldn’t disclose his name, was saved by police in May after a city worker found him with both hands nailed to a tree and screaming for help.
Duran, who was still conscious, told police that he was nailed to the tree after a real estate deal went south. He claimed during an interview that the two men involved in the deal, both of whom were strangers, intended to kill him.