Riverside waterfront land contract

73 willowmere.jpg

73 Willowmere Circle, currently asking $5.950 million, reports a contingent contract. Maximum house size seems to be limited to around 5,200 sq.ft., and whatever's built here is going to have to be raised significantly higher than the current structure, but Willowmere Circle's a fabulous street, this lot offers a great view down Old Greenwich Harbor, and if you're nice to him, Scott Frantz will probably let you swim off his beach; or hell, maybe if you just promise to vote for him.

It was originally listed in July, 2015, at $7.950, which proved overly optimistic, but the slow adjustment of the heirs' expectations has now produced a buyer.

How important is location? We were just dismissing the prospects of 16 acres and a half-finished house up at Conyers asking $6.750 million, yet I don't think that, say, $5.5 for this building lot in Riverside is particularly crazy.