Greenwich Free Press finally hears about Drew Marzullo's difficulties

There she goes, your political career's sailing past the moon, and into the void

There she goes, your political career's sailing past the moon, and into the void

Publishes the local Democrat Party's public statement

We are saddened to learn of the charges against Selectman Drew Marzullo. No one on the Executive Committee of the Greenwich Democratic Town Committee had knowledge of the incident prior to learning about it from the press reports published Thursday night, September 21.
Regardless of Drew’s guilt or innocence in the alleged incident, the Executive Committee is disappointed that he did not communicate to any member of Executive Committee about this concerning situation.
The Executive Committee understands that Drew is taking the weekend to consider his options. 

Meanwhile, over at Greenwich Time, there's the intriguing detail:

Marzullo is a former 20-year paramedic with the Greenwich Emergency Medical Service. It was confirmed Friday that Marzullo left GEMS late last year, but the circumstances of his departure remain unclear. His attorney Andrea Sisca, who is not representing Marzullo in the criminal case, confirmed he has not worked for GEMS since November 2016 but would not say whether he had been dismissed or left by choice.

So what happened there? Was he caught operating a chop shop for stolen ambulances in his garage, or is he having some personal problems? I've had a few clients over the years who did something completely aberrational, even, coincidentally, one incident of shoplifting, because of some sort of unrelated personal stress: divorce, illness of a spouse, etc. So I'm not judging the guy yet; this seems so out of character for the public person I know.