Well here's one Invisible/Indivisible RTM candidate revealed: Elizabeth Perry, District 7. Forty-four candidates to go

Curious that no other member of their group cares to be identified.

Elizabeth Perry, a member of March On Greenwich, is one of the people seeking a spot on RTM in District 7. She estimates about 45 members of the group are running, with many of them in Districts 5, 7 and 8. It is part of the group’s non-partisan effort to get people more involved in their local governments, she said.
Perry said she understood that some people might be leery of groups that are pushing for people to run for office since the RTM is designed to be a non-partisan body.
“I get that it’s a concern because we grew out of the women’s march that happened after the presidential election,” Perry said. “But we are not putting forth any kind of radical agenda. We’re not going to tell our members what to think or how to vote

Perry belies her claim to non-partisanship by admitting that she and her 44 other friends are members of what's essentially one political party: Indivisible Greenwich and March on Greenwich. Personally, I'd be wary if 45 members of the Old Greenwich Yacht Club, or the Riverside Garden Club all decided to run as a group for the RTM: I'd suspect that they had a specific agenda in mind, an agenda focused on their own goals, and not the well being of the town as a whole. And I'm even more wary about a band of radical, left-wing Democrats barging into what was designed as, and has always been conducted as, a non-partisan group of citizens.

"We are not putting forth a radical agenda", Perry asserts, and she's partly correct — they are deliberately not disclosing it, but hiding an agenda and not having one are different. Checking the party's website, it's instantly clear that it does indeed have a radical agenda, one that's disclosed on its Partner Websites page. The groups Indivisible has partnered with include far-left Democrat organizations, with the identical partisan, leftist agenda espoused by Perry and her friends. She's being cute.

What's really going on here is that the town Democrats, driven to a frenzy by losing the national election and frustrated by town rules forbidding RTM candidates to run as members of a political party, have concocted a way around that by forming a party within a party, comprised solely of Democrats, and running as individual, "non-partisan" candidates. A hidden agenda and a secret membership tell us all we need to know about these Democratic operatives. 

To be clear, we live in a democracy, and all of us should be free to band together and petition our government with our grievances. And "all of us" includes anti-Trumpsters. What's objectionable about these two lady liberal groups (that's not me being derogatory; they themselves say that their members are all female) is that they deny having any agenda — "who, us?" — and insist that they intend to act as non-partisan individuals. That's a crock, and if they won't admit it, someone should point out what they're actually up to.

And what are they up to?  Here's Sandy Livtack, the husband of Greenwich Indivisible's funder, an octogenarian currently running for First Selectman at a Greenwich Indivisible rally: 

We have candidates running for the RTM and BET. And if we can turn this town blue, we can deal with the entire quality of life.”