My favorite building site in Riverside hits the market

cedar cliff.jpg

Courtesy of brother Gideon, 122 Cedar Cliff Road, $4.5 million.

Home of my late friend Dick Roberts and his widow Jane (yes, we've done the "Dick and Jane" routine by now, thank you), this is a spectacular piece of land overlooking Old Greenwich Harbor. I spent many happy months house sitting here while my friends toured France and lands further east: one month, 3 months, even 6, and it's just a wonderful place to live. 

While I love the house, it's too funky and unique to stand any chance of surviving the wrecker's ball; not at this price, but what a place to build a home.

But not, please God, another pseudo-Colonial-Victorian-Nantucket bucket: this site cries for a contemporary, one that perches on its cliffs and lets the light from the water pour in. Someone with deep pockets and a line on a gifted architect could build a spectacular home here.