You see? You see? They're selling like hotcakes!

615 Lake.jpg

615 Lake Avenue has sold for $7.650 million. That's a huge sale, and congratulations to Joe Barbieri and Jeff Jackson for putting together the deal. But, while the GMLS is recording it as a sale after just 93 days on the market, and selling for "just" 19% off its last asking price of $8.950, it was actually put-up for sale in February, 2016, at $10.9 million. Using the FWIW calculator, that's a little more than a year-and-a-half on the market, and a sale price a little under 70% of asking.

Still, an impressive testimony to the faith some people continue to place in Connecticut's future.

Related? Yesterday, Standard & Poor's downgraded Hartford's bonds to "junk". "That doesn't bother us at all", Greenwich Association of Realtors spokeswoman Theresa Hatton assured FWIW. "The next step is bankruptcy, and after that, the only direction for Connecticut in general, and Greenwich specifically, is up, up, up!  — we see this as a buying opportunity".