Dang — Walt, I need a good talking to

Wally's always said I do pissy better than anyone, but I'm having a hard time coming up with posts on some of the new, over-priced listings, and even price cuts, being reported this week on our MLS. Well, "come up with" is the wrong term: it's still easy to draft "are you friggin' kidding me?!" pieces, but I'm not able to hit the "publish" button. That's probably because, with all the tragedies hitting so hard and so fast, national, international, and local, it's just too much of a reach to be snarky (a feat I accomplished in the post below, mind you, but that was an outlet for my temptation, not an actual posting on real estate: I mean, do we really care if Johnny Depp's cabana succumbs to a tidal wave?). 

I'm confident that I'll be back to form by next week, possibly even by tomorrow — a lifetime of being an a-hole has trained me to be resilient — but until I am, rest assured that there are a number of great follies popping up on the market, and they'll be put up on the dart board soon.