And another old listing finally heads for new ownership

180 Stanwich Road

180 Stanwich Road

180 Stanwich Road, last asking $2.195 million, reports a contract.

I never quite understood why this house didn't move more quickly. It's an older home: 1928, and with just 3,000 square feet it's small by today's standards, but with 2-acres, there's plenty of room to expand. 

It sits far back from the road, giving it a nice presence, to my taste, and both the front and back yards are very nice. It was on the market for just 74 days in 2005, when these owners paid $2.6 for it but this time, returned to the market in April, 2014 at that same price, it took 1,211 and multiple price cuts to attract a buyer. 

No one ever said, I hope, that real estate is a liquid asset.