Milbrook price cut


52 W. Brother Drive, priced at $5.495 million a year ago February, is down to $4.195. MLK's birthday holiday usually marks the beginning of Greenwich's spring market, so the timing is propitious; if only the owners had been quicker to cut their price earlier, they'd probably be done with this house by now, and on to other things.

That original price sat unchanged from February to September, when a $500,000 was taken. But well before September the owners should have realized that they'd overpriced their home. Then, after missing the spring market of 2017, they let the house sit through the entire fall market. Bad idea.

But the house and its location are fabulous, and while I can't vouch for $4.195 being the right price, surely buyers who may have passed it by at those first two prices will want to give it another look.