Sometimes, quirky houses take a while to find a buyer

11 pleasant View.jpg

But not always. 11 Pleasant View Place, in Havemeyer, found a buyer back in 2013 in just 18 days. It sold then for $2.375 million. This time it took 329 days, and a price cut to $2.249 before a buyer appeared. A December contract, it's now reported as pending.

This house was discussed here back in February, 2017, when it hit the market. I said then that I liked it very much, despite its odd appearance, and 5 out of 6 commenters did too. It was also favorably received by many realtors during its 2013 open house, but even then, discussing it with friends after we'd been through it, there was sharp disagreement. But as noted, it went to contract in 18 days.

So you just never know.