New Listing on Cat Rock Road



125 Cat Rock Road, new today at $4.495 million. I can't speak to that price, really, because that's currently a soft spot in the market, but I remember being greatly impressed by this house when it was new in the fall of 2012, and it sold then after just 73 days, for $3.950 million. 2012 wasn't a great time for sales in that price range, either, which speaks well of this home's appeal. 

Located in an inconvenient part of Cat Rock — the middle — but that's offset by its excellent construction, and its comfortable layout When I toured it at its broker open house back then, I noticed that even the utility closets had been trimmed out with baseboard. A minor detail, but that's what impressed me: no one but the builder would notice, yet he went to the expense of doing it anyway. 

Not wild about the high-ceilinged master bedroom, but that's a quibble, given the quality and beauty of the rest of the house (we'll cast a benign eye over the home theatre in the basement - those were as popular in those days as Nehru jackets and avocado refrigerators were in the '60s, so what's a builder to do?).

If this house is within your price range, I'd suggest you check it out this weekend. Worth the trip.