Baby it's cold outside

Worth every penny

Worth every penny

Notwithstanding that that classic 1940s song has now been denounced by feminists as part of our "rape culture", the fact remains that it is cold outside, so I recommend this heated mattress pad. I originally purchased one for myself a year ago but was so impressed after using it for just a few days that I bought more; one for Pal Nancy, then two more for Sarah, in Colorado, and Kat (Portland, OR). Universally acclaimed.

The pad is different than an electric blanket, I suppose because it lies below, rather than above the sleeper, so there's no extra weight atop: toss a light duvet on the bed and you're good to go. That's a poor explanation, but I know that I've never liked electric blankets and have therefore eschewed them, while I can attest that all the women in my life are as happy with this product's luxuriant warmth as I am.

At least at Amazon, it seems you can't get one before Tuesday, but what with all our Global Cooling, I'm sure you'll still have plenty of time to enjoy this. 

(No, I haven't enrolled in an Amazon "link to product, win valuable coupons" program — I've just been impressed with this item the past two winters, and thought that some of you in colder climes might like it too.)