Back Country residents insist that their mentally ill family members and neighbors be treated downtown

Guess who's coming to dinner!

Guess who's coming to dinner!

Stanwich Church is offering counseling to troubled couples, alcoholics and other addicts, and the Back Country objects.

The nonprofit center focuses on issues including trauma, alcohol and substance abuse and marriage counseling.
“Why should we be so close to people having such problems in such proximity?” said one neighbor, Susan Hudd. “They should be in a place in the center of town, not where people are close by. I think that’s a real stress. You don’t know who’s coming.”

Besides, Ms. Hudd assured FWIW, not only is her own marriage perfect and all her children above average, she has a nanny who's always available to transport the Hudd children to a therapist, should that become necessary. "What, me worry?"

(Ms. Hudd offered no explanation in her testimony before the P&Z as to who she thinks lives in the center of town, nor why she doesn't consider them "people".)