The end is far closer than we might have thought

University instructs professors not to use capital letters lest they terrify snowflakes

University bosses have banned lecturers from using capital letters when assigning work to their students out of fear it might upset them.

The memo sent out to staff at Leed's Trinity journalism department suggested that using uppercase letters may 'scare them into failure', reports the Express.

It also included some tips on how they should address their students from now on, such as writing in a friendly tone, steering clear of overbearing language and negative instructions. 

It suggested that writing a word in caps could highlight the 'difficulty' of the assignment and therefore worry the students.  

At fifteen, George Washington was surveying the wilderness of (what would become) West Virginia, surrounded by hostile savages. At seventeen, my great grandfather John Caldwell arrived on these shores, alone, fought for four years in the Civil War and went on to make himself a multi-millionaire in Pittsburgh, PA. On a far, far lesser scale, at fifteen I myself was exploring Puerto Rico, unescorted, and at sixteen hitchhiked across America three times (unlike John Caldwell, and as testament to the watering-down of the gene pool, I never figured out how to make millions, alas). Now, students are terrified by UPPER CASE LETTERS.

Point is, we’ve not just delayed adulthood for these infants, we’ve completely destroyed their capacity to grow up at all, with the result that they now demand a government that protects them from all hardship and difficulty: “free” healthcare, “free” education”, and an insulated bubble that shields them from anything unpleasant, be it contradictory opinions or unsettling ideas. There are people perfectly willing to take command of these cowed sheeple and offer them what they so desperately seek, and they’re poised to do just that.

Keep your powder dry.