Long since debunked, the Mathew Shepherd "gay murder" myth is revisited and repeated by Stamford’s King School, aided by the Greenwich Free [sic] Press

Mathew Shepard was a Wyoming teenager horribly murdered in Wyoming back in 1998, and became a poster child for hate crime, homophobia, and so forth. It was eventually revealed that he was the victim of meth-dealing gone bad, and was in fact murdered by a bi-sexual meth dealer cheesed off by Matthew’s refusal to pay for his drugs, and his death had nothing to do with his “gayness”, but that has never deterred the narrative of a homosexual boy tortured and killed because of his sexual orientation.

Greenwich Free Press today reports approvingly of a King School production of a play based on the false narrative, and because the owner of that blog has turned off her comments section, I thought I’d just point out her lies and falsehoods here. Parents who are paying for their children to attend The King School, a private school located just over the Stamford border, might want to investigate what other indoctrination they’re subjecting their children to, at great expense (hint: ask to see the social studies/history texts being used).

If I had it to do over, I’d home school my children. There’s no other escape from these propagandists.