Fair is fair: judge this Milbrook house for yourself at tomorrow's open house, 1-3


I recently trashed a spec house at 248 Overlook Drive, disparaging its design. I based my comments on its photos, and readers, viewing those same shots, agreed. But this morning I received the following message from its builder, David VanHoeson, which made me think that I’d been unfair:

David VanHoesen • 38 minutes ago

Hi Chris, and all others posting. Unfortunately, the photos don’t do this home justice. I would invite all of you out to see it in person on Sunday 11/3 between 1-3 during the public open house. Then, after one has walked through it, I will be happy to take any constructive criticism and engage in any meaningful dialogue. Feedback was the most positive I’ve had in 30+ years from the Broker Open House. So there is a disconnect here. Of course, I’m not looking to build a typical Spec house, but something special. Please come see it in person, I think you will be surprised. Best Regards, Dave Van Hoesen Builder/Developer

I hadn’t realized that Dave built this house, or I would have mentioned that he builds houses of exceptional quality, and I have long admired his work. This blog is intended to be a report on current real estate activity in Greenwich, with a hefty dose of personal opinion tossed in. Tastes differ, and photographs can lie, so if you’re looking for a house in this one’s price range, by all means, go to its open house Sunday and decide for yourself. Which, of course, you should do for any property mentioned here, regardless of my opinion.