I haven't seen the show, but I still have a funny story about it


Behind the scenes of “reality” show, “House Hunters”. It will hardly surprise you that everything is staged and rehearsed, but a amusing read all the same.

I was contacted by a young woman, assistant to one of the producers of this show a few years ago, asking whether I could help locate some “high end” houses, budget “all the way up to a million dollars!” I told her that kind of mad money might buy a two-bedroom bungalow in our poorest section of town, but I could probably find her some entertaining homes in the five-plus range. She signed off, and I can only guess that she wasn’t calling from California, and had just a vague idea, based on something she might once had heard on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (or something similar) that “Greenwich” meant high-end real estate, perhaps as costly as the best homes in her native Oklahoma.