At long last, this Taconic Road listing has found a buyer

521 Taconic.jpg

221 Taconic, to be specific, at the intersection of the northern terminus of Stanwich Road and currently asking $3.590 million. It’s a great, antique house, beautifully restored, and on a really nice five-acre lot, but, I think it needs a new wing on the right for balance and to add a bit more space. I had clients who were willing to do that work once, and we pitched an offer at around this last asking price, but the house had started in 2008 at $8.2 million in 2008, and the sellers weren’t receptive.

Which is too bad. I didn’t know the owner, but I do know that he was an exceptional man who had a very successful career on Wall Street and was a well-regarded philanthropist, but he died, tragically, of cancer at an early age, and the estate was tied up in confusion for some years; we could probably have had a deal back then, had he been around to negotiate.

But it’s going now, and I’m sure that will come as relief to the heirs. I think the buyers are doing well here.