Unconstitutional, yes, but California now demands it

Corporations must now have an equal number of women and men on their board of directors.

Now, there’s a simple way around this: the new law will count “self-identifying women” in the girl’s column, so the male board members can just slap on some lipstick and slip into frocks and the requirement will be met, but the fact remains that states have no right to dictate private behavior like this.

What strikes me as odd is that feminists insist that women are superior to men, and claim that adding their hormones and feminine instincts to corporate governance will make those business better and more profitable than companies with fewer females — why, then don’t these wily women start their own businesses and wipe out the competition? Steve Job’s garage is still available, and Jeff Bezo’s car trunk can surely be duplicated, if the original car he drove to Seattle to start Amazon has been junked.

My own daughter Sarah’s self-started internet company is thriving, a feat that she’s achieved without help from the state government or special laws discriminating against men, and I imagine even whining, self-pitying women could do the same, if they quit lobbying and went to work.

You go, girls!