Looks like a decent deal

finney knoll.jpg

One Finney Knoll (Riverside, overlooking Balducci’s) has sold for $1.5 million. This was not the best of the lots in this tiny mini-development of the original 5-acre (about 5, though I’m going on memory) property, but it’s a nice house, and sold for $1.665 in 2012. Other houses here have done better: 7 Finney, for instance, substantially larger, sold for $1.907 in 2015, and, renovated, is pending at $2.450.

Cos Cob and Central schools, alas, due to the vagaries of our school districting north of the Post Road, but the houses were all put up by the same (local, good-guy) builder in 2006, and are all of high quality, so picking up this one for $1.5 strikes me, as noted, as a good deal; nothing wrong with being the cheapest house in a good neighborhood.