Repeal Title IX : we're all just one happy sports family now

Andrea the giant and her sisters welcome all comers

Andrea the giant and her sisters welcome all comers

Male transgender breaking all records in women's volleyball circuit

"Tiffany" spent years playing at the lowest levels of men's club volleyball, eventually landing on a tier three club team, the lowest level, in Belgium. And by "playing," as Joffre points out, "Tiffany" was achieving mediocrity. Take note: that's mediocrity at the lowest level in the men's leagues.

But she's a winner now, and isn't that grand?

Down in Texas, a girl hopped up on testosterone injections just completed a 32-0 season record in the girl's wrestling division, winning a state championship. To the girl's credit, she wanted to wrestle boys, but Texas doesn't allow that.

Current Olympic rules ban females who are even born with "too much" testosterone, let alone those who pump the stuff in.

Now that we've concluded that sexual differences are social constructs, unrelated to the now discredited "science" of biology, it's time to discard the obsolete idea of separate girl and boy athletic teams, and merge all into one.

You go, CIS!