Here's a town that got its sign ordinance exactly backwards

(Representative — I just happen to like this one)

(Representative — I just happen to like this one)

Up in New Hampshire, a small town has ordered certain residents to remove yard signs because the town allows only commercial, not political ones. Not surprisingly, the ACLU has stepped in.

If I remember my constitutional law classes, political speech is pretty much completely unrestricted under the First Amendment, while commercial speech can be regulated, within reason. That's why our town right-of-ways are so cluttered with campaign signs during election season (and have you ever wondered at the mental sagacity of a voter who would make up his mind on how to vote based on seeing a sign saying, say "Tesei?"), while realtor's for sale signs are banned. 

Even small towns should retain a lawyer to review ordinances: if a governmental agency loses a civil rights suit, as this one surely will, should it go to court, it's on the hook for damages and the aggrieved citizen's legal fees, and that can be expensive.