Parking tickets, parking permits, and the Royal Indulgence of Peter Tesei

Have you hugged your First Selectman today? I'm guessing not.

Have you hugged your First Selectman today? I'm guessing not.

A reader sent along this article from Greenwich Time's Bob Horton, detailing the best way to void parking tickets and jump the line on parking permits at our train stations: be a friend of First Selectman Peter Tesei.

First Selectman Peter Tesei said this week that he and his staff routinely void parking pickets, citing what he calls “past practices” that preceded his tenure at Town Hall, even though the town operates under state statutes that prohibit such meddling in the parking ticket appeals process.
Tesei also denied that a thank you note he received in January 2017 from the now deceased Ambassador Joseph Verner Reed had any connection to a commuter parking permit issued one month earlier to his daughter, Electra. She was issued the coveted permit in December 2016, despite having spent little or no time on the five-to-eight-year waiting list.
When shown the ambassador’s email to him during a conversation in his office Tuesday afternoon, Tesei said he did not remember why Reed sent him the note. “I would occasionally get notes from the ambassador,” he said.

In my reply to the reader, I noted that the general unwritten rule on parking tickets in town has been that, if you showed up at the traffic violation cubbyhole in the bottom of Town Hall and complained, they'd cut the ticket price in half. I tried it once, when I'd received a completely bogus ticket from a cop (not even meter maid) and brought a picture along showing that the "violation" couldn't possibly have happened. I accepted the proffered offer of $20, instead of the $40, because how much time do any of us really have to spend on enduring a formal appeals process?.

There is, to my mind, nothing wrong with a simple way to mediate these things, by-passing the elaborate process of state-ordained appeal rules, but should there be an extra-special route for extra-special people? I think not, especially if they can get the ticket entirely voided, instead of the half-off discount offered to us plebians.

As for the children of Peter's friends and donors jumping to the head of the line for parking permits at our municipal lots, ... no.