Hah! Found this over in Intapundit's comments section: a reply to the walk-out today


And then there's this, from PowerLine:

Beyond the contemptible enlisting of uninformed children in a political cause, today’s demonstrations were disgusting because they represented a massive passing of the buck. The demonstrations were, ostensibly, on behalf of school safety. But who is responsible for the security of our schools? The administrators who run the schools. If they believe that crazed “shooters” represent a serious threat, it is up to them to do something about it. 
Sending kids out on the playground or the street with signs about gun control does absolutely nothing to make schools safer. There are, however, practical measures that administrators can take. They can secure schools the same way many thousands of office buildings are secured, with locked doors and controlled entry. There are few office buildings one can enter with a rifle under one’s arm. They can dispose of the idiotic “gun free zone” concept, which acts only as an invitation to any potential murderer. They can hire one or more armed guards. They can encourage teachers to be trained in firearms use and to obtain carry permits. These measures, unlike pointless demonstrations in favor of banning random categories of semi-automatic rifles, would actually make schools safer.
But, for whatever reason, most public schools apparently are not taking such steps. Instead, they are using silly demonstrations by ignorant children to deflect attention from their own dereliction of duty.