It's on a lesser scale, but like 521 Round Hill, overpriced originally. But at least this one, after three long years, now has a contract

317 Overlook.jpg

317 Overlook Drive, in Millbrook, asking (these days) $1.995 million, reports a contract. It's a fine house, to my taste, though in some serious need of a new kitchen and other improvements, but this seems like a reasonable price.

What wasn't a reasonable price, said the market, was its 2015 ask of $2.750. It's always best to be the second, even the third agent for projects like this because by the time the owners have been beaten down by the market, they're ready to listen to reason.

Remember that story about the mule skinner whapping his recalcitrant animal with a 2 X 4, saying "first, you have to get its attention"? The market is a 2 X 4.